Four things authors wish their friends and family knew

I’m now nearing the end of my third month as a published YA author, and I’m realizing that there are a few things that I, along with many of my author friends, wish my friends and family knew:

1. We’re not ignoring you.

The writing life consists of several phases, one of which I call the Manic Phase. During this time period, we’re so caught up in meeting deadlines and/or racing from event to event that we simply don’t have time to go out for coffee. Or chat on the phone. Or even answer your emails. We don’t want to ignore you, we just don’t have a choice. We can’t wait for things to slow down so we can give you the attention you deserve.

2. Don’t tell us you loved our book. 

Well, actually do tell us you loved our book – we thrive on positive feedback. But don’t stop there. If you really want to help us, please tell other people you loved it, too. Facebook it, tweet it, review it on Amazon and/or Goodreads, shout it from the rooftops!

3. Don’t ask us how sales are going.

Casually asking us how sales are going is like asking a terminal cancer patient, “So, how many days you got left?” In most cases, we don’t know exactly how many books we’ve sold. Unless we’ve made it onto the New York Times bestseller list, in which case, we’d let you know. If sales aren’t going well, answering that question is just, well…awkward. A better question might be, “So, are you having fun writing your next book?”

4. We appreciate you!

We know we don’t say it often enough, but we appreciate you. Thank you for supporting us in reaching our dreams and loving us through the great times and the crazy times. We couldn’t have done it without you!


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