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A Writer’s Best Friend

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Those of you who read my last post know that I was dreading jury duty with a passion. I had imagined myself stuck in a courtroom all day with no access to my laptop, the deadline for revising my manuscript creeping ever closer. My husband says I’m the Queen of the Worst Case Scenario, but the way this whole thing turned out is almost enough to cure me of my pessimism for life.

Now, I love jury duty! I proclaim it the Writer’s Best Friend! I spent two days in a waiting room in the King County Courthouse, in a comfortable chair, with nothing to do but work on my manuscript. No pets begging for walks, no dirty dishes calling out to distract me. In fact, the only interruptions to my concentrated work time were the announcements of people chosen for jury selection – and to my delight and amazement, my name was never called.

So jury duty, for me, became a writer’s retreat of sorts. True, the waiting room at the courthouse wasn’t as picturesque as a garden on Whidbey Island, where I usually go for retreats…

The garden at A Tuscan Lady, Whidbey Island

…but it worked. And when they’d let us out on “breaks” (break from what, I ask you?), I’d find a window seat in a nearby coffee shop where I could gaze out at the urban landscape and work some more. All in all, I revised 12 chapters during my jury duty stint. My only complaint is that my butt got sore from sitting so long. Now I’m just hoping I get a jury summons again!

Have you ever had something turn out way better than you expected? Please tell me about it!