Books for Children:

The Secret Night World of Cats

The Secret Night World of Cats, illustrated by Mark Rimland

Smith & Kraus, 1st Edition, 1989
Autism Research Institute, 2nd Edition, 2008

A young girl searches for her missing cat in gardens and alleyways, forest and jungles, entering a secret night world filled with fantastical felines.

This book is illustrated by my brother, autistic artist Mark Rimland. His vivid illustrations reveal an intuitive understanding of animals that is often characteristic of autism.

Winner of a 1989 National Parent Publishing Honors Award

Getting Used to Candy

Getting Used to Candy, illustrated by Mary McConnel

Centering Corporation, 2000

This specialty paperback created for children grieving the loss of a parent follows a young girl's journey as she struggles to accept her dad's new car, "Candy," along with the other changes in her life now that her mom has died.