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I love to visit schools! My programs for middle and high school students aim to both inform and inspire, and I strive to make a personal connection with students a part of each and every visit.

My Programs

Choose one of the programs described below, or mix and match. Each program lasts approximately 45 minutes, including time for student questions.

"Keeping it Real: Bringing Truth to Fiction"

My signature program, which includes a Powerpoint presentation and a screening of the FLYAWAY trailer, focuses on the many kinds of research that fiction authors must do to make their work seem authentic. This program is adaptable for both large and small groups and requires a digital projector with audio and a screen.

"From Inspiration to Publication: Journey of a Book"

This program follows the journey of a book from the first seed of inspiration to seeing the finished product on bookstore shelves. Students will discover how authors get their ideas, how long it takes to write a first draft, and how many times a published author must revise her work, as well as learn about the perseverance required to get a book published. Includes a Powerpoint presentation. This program is adaptable for both large and small groups and requires a digital projector and screen.

"Show, Don't Tell: Make Your Writing Leap off the Page!"

Combining lecture and writing exercises, this workshop helps students understand the difference between "showing" (scene) and "telling" (exposition) and gives them an opportunity to try their hand at writing a short fictional scene. This program works best with a small group in a classroom setting and requires each student to have pen and paper available for the writing exercises.

Or…ask me to create a custom program or writing workshop for your students!


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Here's what school librarians and teachers are saying about my visits:

Helen Landalf….was an engaging and relevant speaker for our students. By relating her own background as a young adult growing up with challenging health issues, she caught their attention and linked these struggles to her career as an actress and later, writer. By explaining what her novel is about as well, the students could make relevant connections to the choices they are now facing in their own lives as they make decisions about future directions.
— Librarian, Garfield High School, Seattle

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our school! I think that the students really appreciated learning about your writing process. Flyaway has such high interest as a teen novel—the last copies I had were checked out immediately. — Teacher-Librarian, Cascade High School, Everett

Conversations @ JHS continue to ripple with points about your visit and that day's discussion on writing with our students…. It is so exciting to be able to have you bring your expertise, experience and professionalism regarding writing to our aspiring teenagers here @ Jackson High. You are appreciated! — Librarian, Jackson High School, Everett